GT5 Prologue pre-orders nearly at 1m

Total series sales top 48 million.

With more than a week to go until it's released, the number of PAL pre-orders for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has almost topped 1 million.

The news first emerged via GeekPulp, which got the info from Dave Hine and Paul Gunn of SCE New Zealand.

UPDATE: We've since spoken to a Sony UK representative who's revealed they're not quite there just yet. "I've been checking this information internally and can confirm that we currently have orders for almost 1 million units of GT5 Prologue across SCEE territories," the rep said.

If GT5 Prologue does hit the mark it will be the first time a PS3 title has racked up 1 million sales, and thereby achieved Platinum status, before it's even released.

It has also been announced that more than 48 million games in the Gran Turismo series have now been sold - "almost 50 million", in fact, if you read the latest press release.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be released via PlayStation Network on Thursday 27th March, and will be in shops the following day. Read our review for the full rundown.

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