GT5 Prologue demo hanging on

Sony extends lifespan.

Sony has decided to keep the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo on the Japanese PlayStation Store until the end of the month, instead of yanking it down on the 11th.

In hindsight, we should have followed its example and dragged this information out a bit, because there isn't all that much to say besides that and this is only covering four lines so far. Five.

Fortunately there are some new shots to go with the announcement, picked up on by Kotaku after it surfaced on Game Watch. So look at them.

To download the demo, you'll need to make a fake Japanese account, which obviously we have no idea how to do and is very naughty Google Google Google.

GT5 Prologue, which consists of 50 cars and five tracks in 1080p, is due out in Japan on 13th December in Blu-ray and PlayStation Network download format, and should arrive here at some point too. We'll keep you updated.

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