FFXIII ships 1.8m for Japan launch

Game goes on sale in the Far East.

Square Enix has dug deep and found another few hundred thousand copies of Final Fantasy XIII for the game's launch in Japan earlier today.

A healthy 1.8 million copies of the PS3 game have been trucked off to shops around the region - a figure that includes console bundled copies.

Prior to this revision, Square Enix had said that 1.3 million copies of the highly anticipated PS3 RPG would be available during the game's first seven days on sale.

Final PS2 instalment Final Fantasy XII stockpiled two million copies high for launch day alone, although the console had a comparably larger installed base.

Still, the wait for Final Fantasy XIII is finally over - at least for PS3 owners in Japan. The Xbox 360 version is reserved exclusively for the West.

Thankfully, anyone adept at Japanese may import without a care, although we'd urge caution to anyone new to the language as the game relies heavily on text and spoken dialogue.

The US and Europe will receive Final Fantasy XIII on 9th March, simultaneously on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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