EVE developer CCP not buried under ash

Icelander "far less affected" than Europe.

Icelandic developer CCP is not buried under ash, and has told Eurogamer that the eruption of the Eyjafjallaj÷kull volcano hasn't disturbed day-to-day operations or EVE game servers at all.

"We want to assure you all that we are in no danger whatsoever, and that things are running smoothly here at CCP's HQ," said CCP spokesperson Sveinn Jˇhannesson Kjarval.

"There hasn't been any impact on our day-to-day operations, including the production of our next EVE Online expansion, Tyrannis. The servers hosting the EVE universe are located in London so they are not affected by the fire and brimstone in any way.

"Volcanic eruptions are a regular occurrence here in Iceland," he added, "and as such we have been wise enough to locate our major settlements mostly out of harm's way."

Jˇhannesson Kjarval said the Eyjafjallaj÷kull volcano is 130km from ReykjavÝk, the capital city that houses CCP HQ. What's more, there are mountain ridges adding further volcano defense in between.

"Also, due to the fact that the high winds mostly always blow to the east, we here in ReykjavÝk are ironically far less affected by the fallout of ash than the rest of northern Europe (sorry about that, Northern Europe!)," said Jˇhannesson Kjarval. "The most trouble we've suffered so far is having to plot courses half way around the world for a few employees stuck in Europe on business trips."

EVE Online expansion Tyrannis is due out on 18th May. The lofty aim of this add-on is to allow pilots to build on, exploit and control planets for the first time ever in EVE.

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