Podcast #16

Alan Wake! Doctor Who! Will Porter!

Woo! It's the Podcast Sweet 16 episode! Wherein we invite boys round without telling mum and stay up all night talking about our feelings!

Host Tom Champion welcomes regular idiots Tom Bramwell and Ellie Gibson back to the podcast, and we're all joined by contributor and "videogame consultant" Will Porter, whose specialist subject is Doctor Who.

That's the theory, anyway, because Will went to Sheffield last week to play the new Doctor Who game and meet the Daleks. We discuss his findings and whether your licence fee could perhaps better be spent on a new face for Huw Edwards.

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Elsewhere Ellie talks about her experiences playing the Alan Wake review code, and we discuss the hot news topics of the week (the week before, anyway), including Microsoft's hopes that Project Natal can learn from your actions, and Tony Hawk's revelation that his new game is called Frosties or whatever.

We even get into the journalistic ethics behind the whole iPhone 4G leak palaver, a discussion given further topical relevance after the po-po confiscated one of the bloggers responsible's PCs on Friday (something we didn't know at the time of recording, for those confused).

Not only do you get all that, then, but there's even our regular Forum Affairs section and news on competitions winners from last week's celebrated QA episode.

Speaking of games industry jobs, if you're interested in getting one check out next week's podcast, which some are already calling Podcast #17, where we quiz a games industry recruitment legend about how best to get your foot in the door.

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The Podcast goes out every Tuesday at 3pm GMT. Come back next week for more exciting chat about the crazy world of contemporary videogames, and perhaps even more live on-air debate about the validity of various competition entry structures.

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