EA and Starbreeze doing Bourne game

As well as mysterious "Project RedLime".

EA has acquired the exclusive videogame rights to the works of author Robert Ludlum, and is working with Swedish developer Starbreeze (The Darkness, Chronicles of Riddick) on a Jason Bourne title.

The developer and publisher began working together last February on codename "Project RedLime", which was billed as "an incredibly innovative take on a classic [EA] property".

That will be a second and entirely separate game for EA, Starbreeze told Eurogamer this afternoon, but offered no further information on either project.

Ludlum Entertainment re-acquired the Bourne rights from Sierra Entertainment last year, after the latter produced an uninspiring videogame adaptation in the summer.

Incidentally, the Hollywood films The Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum are only loosely based on the books. Ludlum wrote quite a lot of other thrillers before his death in 2001, too.

Starbreeze is currently hard at work on delivering The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for Atari, which launches here this March.

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