Age of Conan adds four dungeons

Massive patch day for Funcom's MMO.

Funcom has just served up a weighty patch for players of its MMO Age of Conan. The update notes reveal the addition of four new dungeons to the game, as well as a slew of fixes and improvements to most aspects of the game.

Of the dungeons, three are for max-level players: the Slaughterhouse Cellar is a solo instance, Xibaluku a group dungeon that follows on from it in Thunder River, and wing three of Black Ring Citadel is a new raid. The fourth, Cradle of Decay, is a group instance for players in the middle range, the low 40s.

In addition, there are some class tweaks, considerable changes to all aspects of PVP from minigames to sieges and the Notoriety system, new crafting resources that drop from other players in PVP, and plenty more.

We're particularly please to note that five new essential emotes have been added - adjust, cough, fart, picknose, and sneeze - and that "the emote 'relaxed_lean' should no longer cause the camera to shake slightly".

Plenty more on the Age of Conan gamepage.

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