$10 for MP in pre-owned EA Sports titles

Must buy new to obtain "Online Pass".

EA Sports has revealed that its forthcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 titles will require players to enter a bundled "Online Pass" code in order to access "online services, features and bonus content" - including online multiplayer.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, due out on 2nd July in Europe, will be the first game to include the Online Pass, which appears to be part of EA's Project Ten Dollar initiative to ward off second-hand game sales.

EA Sports senior VP Andrew Wilson put it bluntly in a website update: "We want to reserve EA Sports online services for people who pay EA to access them," he said. At the moment, publishers receive no money from second-hand game sales.

Should you buy Tiger Woods 11 - or other future EA Sports titles - second-hand, or rent them, you will still be able to access multiplayer features if you buy an Online Pass through PSN or Xbox Live for $10.

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