Klei's space colony sim Oxygen Not Included arrives on Steam Early Access

And breathe.

Ruddy marvellous indie studio Klei has released new game Oxygen Not Included on Steam Early Access.

It's a charmingly cartooned, space-colony game. You struggle against depleting resources while building a home underneath the rocky surface of an asteroid. Then you press a button to procedurally generate a new rock and off you go again.

Underneath its friendly visage, Oxygen Not Included sounds complex. Chief among your worries is oxygen, hence the game's name, and supplying your base with it via pipe systems.

Temperatures can roast or freeze you, too, and you'll need to keep an eye on colonist stress levels less they go unchecked and become destructive. That's on top of creating and supplying power, recycling waste produce and ensuring there's enough food and water to go around.

Klei is the Vancouver-based studio responsible for Invisible Inc., Don't Starve and Mark of the Ninja. Oxygen Not Included is 19.

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