Fake news! Did Final Fantasy 15's reworked Chapter 13 just get political?


Final Fantasy 15 updated today to add an alternative take on the game's divisive Chapter 13.

Chapter 13, Verse 2 sees Gladiolus and Ignis work their way through the chapter, whereas before you had to play it solo.

Here's where things get potentially spoiler-filled, so look away now if you have to.

Players have noticed that toward the end of the chapter, there's a line of dialogue that reads very much like a pop at the Trump administration's... relaxed attitude to facts.

Our very own Aoife has played through Chapter 13, Verse 2 and created a video, below that verifies the exchange:

Gladiolus: I thought Aranea said the daemons were afraid of the Crystal.

Ignis: It may be like moths to a flame - or it may be one of the empire's "alternative facts".

Alternative facts, eh? From the "empire", eh? Wonder what Square Enix is going for there?

Players have reported there are more Trump nods in Chapter 13, Verse 2. One Redditor reports Gladiolus mentions something about "fake news" in the next room after listening to the radio, but we haven't been able to verify this line of dialogue despite a couple of playthroughs.

So there you have it. A topical Easter egg added to Final Fantasy 15 by an update that changes a chapter because players hated Square Enix's first attempt. Video games!

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