Pneuma: Breath of Life developer reveals first-person puzzler The Turing Test

I'll take your brain to another dimension.

The Turing Test is the next first-person puzzler from Derby-based developer Bulkhead Interactive, the studio behind Pneuma: Breath of Life.

The Turing Test is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. It's set for release on PC via Steam and on Xbox One in August.

This time, Bulkhead has set its story in space, on the mysterious Jovian moon of Europa. It's sounds a bit 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Instead of the powers of a god, you're given control over electrical energy and AI, as you can see in the reveal trailer below.

Another team at Bulkhead is busy working on a World War 2 shooter revival, Battalion 1944, which it successfully funded via Kickstarter in just three days.

Here's your first taste of The Turing Test:

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