People are selling the Final Fantasy 15 demo on eBay

For half the price of Final Fantasy Type-0.

People are already selling the Final Fantasy 15 demo on eBay - for half the price of the game it comes with.

Final Fantasy Type-0 launched in North America on Tuesday this week, and there are a number of listings for the Final Fantasy 15 demo on eBay.

You're looking at a buy it now price of between $20 and $30 for the demo code voucher. That may be up your street, if want to give the demo a whirl but dead against forking out full price for Final Fantasy Type-0, a high definition remaster of a PSP game.

Still, it's a bit much for a demo, isn't it?

In the UK, Final Fantasy Type-0 will set you back around 40, although you may be able to nab it cheaper if you shop around. It costs an eye-watering 54.99 from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store.

Type-0 launches in the UK tomorrow, Friday 20th March, so we have to wait until then to play the Final Fantasy 15 demo, too.

It's not hard to set up a US PSN account, though, if those eBay listings are calling out to you, or whispering in your ear, or gnawing at the back of your mind, or doing something else annoying that means you will probably end up caving.

Aoife Wilson played the Final Fantasy 15 demo and wrote up her impressions earlier this month. There's a discussion of it in the video, below.

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