Bayonetta 2 release date set for October

Three retail editions revealed! New trailer!

Bayonetta 2 will hit European shores on 24th October, the same day it hits North America, Nintendo revealed in its latest Nintendo Direct presentation.


Platinum's sequel will arrive in three different versions. The most valuable will be the "First Print Edition," which is limited to 15,300 copies and comes with boxed versions of both Bayonetta and its sequel clad in special case, along with an "Art of Bayonetta 2" book designed to resemble the game's "The Hierarchy of Laguna" tome.

Then there's the "Special Edition," which includes both games in separate cases, but without any of the extra goodies.

And finally, there's the "Solus Edition," which is a fancy name for the vanilla copy of Bayonetta 2 in a retail box.

Both Bayonetta 2 and its predecessor will launch on the Wii U eShop at launch. Those who buy one game will receive a discount on the other.

For more on Bayonetta 2, here's the latest trailer followed by a look at the First Print Edition and the entire Nintendo Direct video.

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