Video: Ellie's Gibson's best bits

"Nailed it."

Ellie Gibson is leaving Eurogamer today after nine years. We will miss her more than we can express. We, and many of you I'm sure, will also miss her writing on the site: her excoriating reviews and fearless, not to say lunatic, interviews - though perhaps Mark Rein and Peter Moore ("I am woman. I am Chaka Khan") will feel something more akin to relief.

We won't just miss her writing. Ellie also brought great dedication and craft to doing stupid s**t on camera in Eurogamer's name. To commemorate her tireless pursuit of this highest form of journalism we present this compilation of some of her finest moments. There's the one with Gemma out of Hollyoaks, the one with coconut Peter Molyneux, the one with me and Johnny Minkley which I am still not ready to talk about.

Watch and laugh.

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