The world's largest video game collection sold for $750k

Congratulations "peeps_10091970"!



The world's largest video game collection has been auctioned for $750,250.

Earlier this month we reported on Buffalo, New York resident Michael Thommason, who made history by having the Guinness Book of World Records certify his gaming collection as the largest in existence. At the time it consisted of 10,607 games, though Thommason noted in aYouTube comment last November that it was nearly 12,000 titles strong.

The winner of the GameGavel auction, one "peeps_10091970", receives the actual Guinness certificate as well as a lifetime subscription to Retro Magazine - which includes an autographed copy of its premiere issue featuring this very collection. Over 2600 games in the collection are factory-sealed with over 8300 complete with box and manual.

Peeps_10091970 beat out competition from "catch123", whose highest bid was $750,000. There were 56 bids in total.

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