FF14 PS4 beta in two phases, one with character wipe

Has Vita Remote Play, mouse and keyboard support.

The PS4 Final Fantasy 14 beta will be broken into two phases.

There will be a character wipe after the first phase, which starts 22nd Feb (free to all) and ends 3rd March, according to the PlayStation blog. But characters created for the second phase - 4th April to 7th April - will be carried over into the full game.

You can use your existing PC or PS3 characters in the PS4 beta by transferring character data. You won't have to do this when the full game launches on 14th April, as everyone will play on the same servers.

If you want to transfer your PS3 FF14 account to PS4, you can do so starting 11th April, enjoying early access until 13th April. Once you transfer there's no going back, though, and if you want to play on both machines you'll need to buy a second copy of the game.

The PS4 version of FF14 - a relaunched game that's reinvigorated Square Enix's fortunes - features Vita Remote Play, so you can "craft, gather and play wherever you go", or so it says.

There's mouse and keyboard support, touchpad support, and Share support for screenshots and videos.

And the PS4 version looks better, as this new trailer shows.

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