Watch us play Dead Rising 3's new DLC from 5pm GMT

The eagle has landed.

If you've got an Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 sitting in your house somewhere, chances are you've already got its freshly launched DLC add-on Operation Broken Eagle - how else to explain that whopping 13GB update? You might be in two minds whether to part with the money to unlock the thing, though, even if it's been impolite enough to guzzle up your bandwidth. And that's where the lovely Ian Higton comes in, a man who braves the wilds of new games so you don't have to. Or at least so you can figure out whether it's worth you heading there yourselves.

Ian will be playing Dead Rising 3's DLC, dubbed Operation Broken Eagle, from 5pm GMT today. The add-on introduces a handful of new toys into Capcom's sandbox, threading them together with an all-new story that splinters out from the main game. You can see about an hour of it in action on our Twitch channel, which is brought directly to you below via the magic of me copy and pasting some scary looking code into our CMS. It's one of my special skills.

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