This Lego The Last of Us mock-up video is incredible

Now if only it were a real game, eh?

As amazing as Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic epic The Last of Us is, one can't help but wonder "what would it look like in Lego?" Well ponder no more as animator Brian Anderson has delivered a delightful mock-up video of this very premise.

While Anderson doesn't work for Naughty Dog or Lego game developer Traveller's Tales, he has a very keen understanding of what makes both properties click. The familiar Lego game HUD combined with The Last of Us' UI, the collection of plastic bits, the comical pantomimed reactions to serious threats - it's all here.

It's easy to grow weary of the Lego games as there's something like 700 of them by now, but if Traveller's Tales actually did make something like this, I would totally play it. C'mon, TT, make it happen!

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