Watch Dead Rising 3's most ridiculous weapons in action

Plus: Outside Xbox looks into the One's upgrades to Live.

Dead Rising 3's new combo weapons are the most ridiculous and most devastating yet. See for yourself in the videos below, Eurogamers, which include new Dead Rising 3 gameplay, along with the Xbox One's impending changes for Xbox Live.

In a kind of arms race with itself, Dead Rising 3 escalates from Dead Rising 2's combo weapons to super combos. These are three or more bits of junk cobbled into an improbable zombie smasher such as the Super Shout, a kind of Fus Ro Dah megaphone, or the Electroice Staff, an uprooted traffic light that fires bolts of frost or lightning. Both feature in a Show of the Week on Dead Rising and its tradition of improvised armaments.

Also new in Dead Rising 3's arsenal is Sentry Cat: a robotic feline covered in sawblades that would have cleaned up on Robot Wars. It is just as vicious as a real cat, and just as unconcerned with your survival. For more Dead Rising 3 gameplay, watch Sentry Cat betray Mike in the video below.

Xbox Live has come a long way since the early days of Xbox 360. Gone are the brightly coloured menu blades, replaced by avatars and cloud saves. There have been upgrades, but there's plenty of room for improvement: dedicated servers and bigger friends lists, for starters. Discover seven ways Xbox One's new Xbox Live addresses these and similar niggles in the video below.

Finally, there was the GTA Online big bounty contest, in which Mike, Andy and I set $10,000 bounties on each other's head and then scatter through downtown Los Santos. Last survivor wins. It's like Hunger Games with helicopters. For that and more, join us at Outside Xbox.

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