Ex-LucasArts devs announce side-scrolling strategy game Super Roman Conquest

More Total War than Star Wars.

Two former LucasArts developers have announced a new side-scrolling strategy game called Super Roman Conquest and launched a Kickstarter to raise $30,000 for its development.

The game is set in ancient Rome, and you command units such as Centurions, Auxilia and Archers in environments designed in the pixel art style.

The developer is SeaCliff Interactive, a San Francisco-based indie founded by LucasArts veterans Tim Temmerman and Matt Boland after Disney closed the studio in April 2013. While at LucasArts Temmerman and Boland worked as designers on unreleased games Star Wars: 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. The pair describe SRC as "a mix of Total War and FTL wrapped in a 16-bit side-scrolling package".

"The seasoning we gained working in the Star Wars universe inspired us to capture the feel of another great Republic: Rome," reads the Kickstarter pitch.

"Unlike other side-scrollers, we want you to do more than just send consecutive units left to right, down a linear track, in order to bash the enemy base on the other end."

If the Kickstarter is successful Super Roman Conquest will launch on PC, Mac, Ouya and Linux in the summer of 2014. Its debut trailer, featuring pre-alpha footage, is below.

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