The Power Glove gets its own feature-length documentary

The Power of Glove.

Remember the Power Glove? How could you not? Nintendo's officially licensed experiment in wearable controllers was developed by Mattel and released in 1989 where it became a pop culture sensation, mostly for how bad it was. In fact, it's most iconic moment was in the 1989 Fred Savage film The Wizard where dickish video game guru utters the now famous words, "it's so bad!"


It's so bad!

But before - or possibly because - of its terribleness, the Power Glove captured the hearts and minds of millions with its promise of transforming starry-eyed, prepubescent children into Robocop-esque cyber-commandos.

Now filmakers Adam Ward, Andrew Austin, and Paula Kosowski are looking to capture the story of the stylish, but unwieldly controller in their feature-length documentary The Power of Glove.

The film will interviews the actual designers of the Power Glove as well as artists like musician Side Brain and uber-fan Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson who have used the faulty, yet oddly inspirational device in their work. There's even a Michael Jackson-inspired sequined Power Glove called Beat It. One can't help but wonder if the Wii U would be selling better if its controller looked like that.

Check out The Power of Glove's trailer below.

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