This is Diablo 3 in multiplayer on PS3

Sofa so good.

An alluring new feature for the console versions of Diablo 3 is same-screen co-op for up to four people.

Here's a trailer fresh out of E3 showing co-op in action on PS3.

It's frantic but characters are marked clearly by coloured circles around their feet and labelled with numbers according to which player they are. Health bars occupy the corners of the screen alongside orbs signifying whichever energy-pool type the character class uses, be it Fury, Mana, Arcane Power, Hatred/Discipline or Spirit.

There are up to eight hot-bar slots up there too, mapped to the four face buttons and four shoulder buttons. Buffs appear there too. A lot of info on show, then, but it never looks messy.

Encouragingly, the PS3 copes with the action on the screen fairly well - there are only a few moments of slow down when the bigger abilities go off.

Diablo 3 is due out 3rd September for PS3 and Xbox 360. A PS4 version is confirmed but not an Xbox One version - yet. No dates on those next-gen versions.

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