Respawn game is reportedly an always-online Xbox exclusive

And has mechs.


Respawn's game. Really.

The mystery game from Respawn Entertainment, the studio formed by the creators of Call of Duty, is reportedly an Xbox exclusive.

Kotaku sources say it will release on the next Xbox and the Xbox 360 only.

Respawn's game is a sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter that pits foot soldiers against mechs that soldiers can pilot. The mechs are called Titans, which tallies with the Titan trademark Respawn secured earlier this year.

The Respawn game is always-online, the sources said. The next Xbox is rumoured to require an internet connection to work.

Microsoft will unveil its next-generation console at a Redmond event on 21st May. Four games are rumoured to be a part of the reveal: Ryse, from Crytek, a mystery zombie game, a new Forza and a mystery family focused game.

The EA-funded Respawn has been beavering away on an unannounced project for close to three years. The studio teased a couple of indecipherable images back in 2011, but has since fallen silent. Respawn has gone on the record to say it will unveil its shooter at E3 in June.

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