Blizzard announces Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

F2P collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe.


Blizzard has announced Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft, a digital collectible card game.

It's the developer's first free-to-play game, and is set in the Warcraft universe.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is made by Blizzard's new team five, made up of 15 developers who got together to create a smaller, more experimental experience than the company is known for.

You play as the classes from World of Warcraft, such as the mage, rogue and warrior. You can earn packs of cards in-game and buy them for about a dollar. Online multiplayer, and matchmaking, is powered by

There's also a card crafting mechanic. In the game you play as a hero, picking a class and creating a deck. Using the crafting system, you can disenchant unwanted cards to receive Arcane Dust, which you can use to craft a card you actually want.

Hearthstone is set for release on PC, Mac and iPad this year. A beta is planned for the summer. The debut trailer is below.

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