Samsung Galaxy S4 has an Xbox 360-like gaming controller with an extendable clamp that holds phone

Buttons, analogue sticks, d-pad.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't that interesting; it's got a sexy new 5-inch screen and some motion control features and this and that, but it's an evolution rather than revolution.

However, for gamers there is an additional angle: a clamp-on gaming controller that looks, from the front, like an Xbox 360 pad. It's made by Samsung, too, which bodes well for gaming support.

The clamp-on controller doesn't have a name. The clamp extends from the top of the pad and the phone nestles into it.


It's white, has the d-pad and analogue stick layout of a 360 pad, and has shoulder buttons but no triggers. It's battery powered (2xAAA), connects via Bluetooth and is able to clamp-on a Note 2 and even a Note 8.0, reported Engadget.

There's no price.


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