A World of Keflings is migrating to Wii U this year

And out today on Windows 8.

Popular XBLA city-building game A World of Keflings is coming to Wii U later this year, developer Ninja Bee has announced.

"The Wii U has allowed us to significantly enhance the game's visuals and, with the Wii U GamePad, explore new ways to interact with the game and its characters," said art director Brent Fox on the company blog.

Additionally, World of Keflings is out today on Windows 8/Windows Phone for $6.99. The mobile version adds touch controls and a new picture-in-picture mode, so players can explore the map while maintaining their avatar.

Regrettably, the Windows 8 version of A World of Keflings doesn't include multiplayer or Avatar FameStar functionality, nor is the DLC available for it.

Our Dan Whitehead rather Like a World of Keflings, but found it an iterative improvement over its predecesor, A Kingdom for Keflings. "The breezy humour and generous unlockables make it all but impossible to dislike, but a far better game still lurks untapped within the Kefling template," he wrote in his 7/10 A World of Keflings review.

A World of Keflings - first 15 mins

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