Free game Surgeon Simulator 2013 is like QWOP for surgery

Trauma Center: Under the Influence.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 could become a physical comedy classic. It marries the hilariously unwieldy controls of the famed Flash game QWOP with the morbid humour of Operation.

You play as Nigel Burke, an "ordinary guy" who's performing surgery for some reason. Clearly he's not a doctor: note the lack of gloves. (Perhaps it's just a hobby for him. Tuesday is surgery night. Wednesday is salsa dancing.) Due to developer Bossa Studios' "Revolutionary one to one finger manipulation control system," doing simple things like picking up a scalpel is a herculean effort. Everything that can go wrong will somehow go wronger and before you know it you'll have inadvertently scooped out his lungs and tossed out his ribs. He wasn't using them anyway.

Developed as part of the Global Game Jam last weekend where the theme was "a beating heart," the four-person team of Tom Jackson, James Broadley, Luke Williams, and Jack Good whipped up a prototype of the sadistic sim.

Bossa would like to develop Surgeon Simulator 2013 into a fully-fledged commercial release on Steam where its Greenlight page noted some features it would like to add such as: more locations, like emergency surgery in the back of an ambulance; more procedures, such as a brain transplant; more tools; and achievements, like performing a heart transplant using only a shard of glass.

For now, check out the free prototype on Kongregate for some gruesome gags.

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