XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC demo on Steam now now now

On consoles "soon".


Oh no, it's an unrelated and severed cyborg head!

There's a PC demo for XCOM: Enemy Unknown - the strategy one built by Firaxis - available on Steam right now.

It packs two levels of the single-player tutorial campaign. The demo is 5864MB. That's one big alien.

The XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo will be available "soon" on consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360).

Pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown to get the Elite Soldier Pack. This gives a new recruit, new-look armour and colours to decorate armour with. That's 29.99.

Alternatively, spend 49.99 on the Special Edition of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and get an art book, fold-out poster, insignia patch, desktop wallpaper, soundtrack "and more".

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