Gravity Bone sequel Thirty Flights of Loving is out now

Surreal first-person spy comedy from Atom Zombie Smasher creator.

Blendo Games' Gravity Bone, a peculiar first-person noir construct of art deco and blockhead characters, may be one of the finest free games on these here internets, and now its sequel Thirty Flights of Loving has been released.

Thirty Flights of Loving was initially announced as a reward for those who pledged more than $30 to the Idle Thumbs podcast Kickstarter earlier this year, and those fine folks received early access to the game last month.

For the rest of us, it's out today on both Steam and Blendo Games' site. Unlike Gravity Bone, the latest from Zombie Atom Smasher creator Brendon Chung isn't free, but costs 3.59 on Steam and 4.13 if you'd prefer to go straight through the developers.

It should only last about 15 minutes, but like its predecessor, each of those precious minutes is packed to the brim with clever jokes, jazzy music and an enthralling story. Get a taste of it in the trailer below.

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