Steam hardware survey shows rise in lower-end PCs

A sign of things to come?

More and more people seem to be using Steam on less powerful PCs.

The Steam Hardware & Software Survey: June 2012 charted a rise in Intel graphics, a rise in old fashioned dual-core and single-core machines and a rise in DirectX 9 use.

The most popular resolution (25 per cent) is 1920x1080, which isn't that high for a top-end rig, followed by 1366x768 (18 per cent) and 1600x900 (seven per cent).

The explanation? A few things, as PCGamesN pointed out: more use of Steam on laptops (hence 1366x768), the growth of undemanding indie games (including Minecraft), better overall low-spec support and more people using Steam outside of the affluent West.

Team Fortress 2 doesn't require a spaceship-PC to run.

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