Ubi canned "Oblivion-style" Might & Magic

And tested "non-kill" FPS play in I Am Alive.

Ubisoft recently experimented with an "Oblivion-style" Might & Magic game though eventually ditched the concept, according to a developer resume.

The LinkedIn profile of a senior game designer who worked at the publisher's Shanghai outpost for seven months in 2009, spotted by Twitter sleuth Superannuation, lists "game design and several story passes for unannounced Heroes of Might and Magic game, which began as an RTS and was changed to an Oblivion style RPG before being cancelled."

The same developer also worked on Ubisoft Shanghai's "reconstruction" of Darkworks' still-unreleased adventure I Am Alive, listing some ambitious gameplay innovations the studio was attempting.

His responsibilities apparently included developing "a non-kill oriented FPS shooting system involving group AI behaviors where threats and wounding were promoted over murder as the most effective gameplay mechanic."

The next entry in the long-running Might & Magic strategy franchise is Might & Magic Heroes VI, due out on PC this October.

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