SSFIV: AE PC patch coming soon

Will dragon punch bugs, etc.

A patch for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will launch by Monday, 11th July, Capcom has announced.

Capcom has identified three key areas that need improvement.

Apparently some keyboards and gaming devices are not recognised by the game, re-mapping keys can crash the game, and Smooth mode drops important video frames.

Capcom recommends using an Xbox 360 controller to solve the keyboard issue while it works on a fix, and suggests switching to Fixed mode to get around the Smooth mode problems.

A title update is planned for release on or before 25th July.

Meanwhile, Capcom promised non-Steam customers who still have the 15 character limitation for offline play a title update on 16th July.

The PC version launches in the UK today on Steam. The boxed version will be sold in shops next week.

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