Project Cafe not Wii 2 but "Nintendo"?

Word is they're keeping it simple.

As the E3 rumour mill cranks up to full power, debate is still raging over the official title for the new Nintendo console codenamed Project Cafe.

The latest publication to chuck a bit of grist in is US-based Game Informer. Quoting "the most recent reports", the site says, "It's possible the final name will be just a single word that everyone is already familiar with."

And that word, reckons Game Informer, is: "Nintendo".

Sounds bonkers to us. Surely that will just risk confusion with Nintendo's other products? Not to mention, you know, the entire brand?

Well, we'll find out for sure at Nintendo's E3 press conference tomorrow. Kick-off is 5pm - join us then for live text fun and lively debate.

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