Crytek announces Ryse for Kinect

First trailer shown at MS E3 show.

As leaked earlier today, Crytek is readying Ryse exclusively for Kinect.

First announced as Codename: Kingdoms at Microsoft's E3 show last year, Crytek took to the stage at the platform holder's presser today to show the first gameplay trailer.

It's a fantasy action title set in ancient Rome in which Crytek promises "you're the controller."

Judging by the clip shown, this translates as first-person, one-on-one melee combat. You'll swing one arm to slash with your sword, while using the other to block with your shield. You'll also be able to kick, headbutt and launch your weapon as a projectile to inflict a finishing blow.

No word on a projected release date yet. We'll post the trailer as soon as it's made available.

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