Free PokÚdex app for Nintendo 3DS e-Shop

PokÚmon headed to 3DS in full 3D.

Want a PokÚmon game for your shiny new Nintendo 3DS? Well, all Nintendo wants you to have right now is PokÚdex 3D. It's kind of half way there.

PokÚdex 3D is a free app available from the 3DS' upcoming e-Shop. Its purpose? To display information on the series' many breeds of monsters, just like the in-game PokÚdex device.

All of the new critters from the latest DS games, PokÚmon Black and White, are included. PokÚmon are rendered in full 3D - and also in eye-tricking actual 3D, since it's the 3DS.

Players initially get 16 PokÚmon to view and read up on. More are available each day through SpotPass (up to three a day), scanning QR codes or via trading with friends (presumably through StreetPass).

It's the first time PokÚmon have been seen dressed in full 3D sprites on a handheld. Or at all, if you ignore the largely forgettable Stadium and Collosseum home console spin-offs.

Nintendo's long-awaited 3DS e-Shop launches in Europe on 7th June.

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