Dev poll: Molyneux is #1 industry "hero"

Fable creator beats Miyamoto into second.

Fable and Populous mastermind Peter Molyneux is the video game industry's top developer "hero", according to a poll of his peers.

As reported by USA Today, 9000 developers were asked to name their development hero in a PeekScore survey.

The Lionhead boss came out on top, followed by Nintendo talisman Shigeru Miyamoto and Braid creator Jonathan Blow.

Take a look at the top 10 below, then commence debate. Keep it clean.

  1. Peter Molyneux (Populous, Fable)
  2. Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda)
  3. Jonathan Blow (Braid)
  4. Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims)
  5. John Carmack (Doom, Quake)
  6. Mike Morhaime (World of Warcraft, StarCraft)
  7. David Braben (Elite)
  8. Sid Meier (Sid Meier's Civilization, Sid Meier's Pirates)
  9. Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa the Rapper)
  10. Dave Jones (Lemmings, GTA)

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