Is this leaked Project Cafe video real?

If yes, the controller is massive.

A video of a "Private Presentation of 'Project Cafe' by a Video Games Editor" has appeared.

The footage shows a on-screen diagrams of a controller with a screen. The controller has a similar shape and layout to an Xbox 360 pad. It's reminiscent of a Dreamcast pad, too.

Another diagram notes the central screen diagonal measurement of six inches. Add to that measurement the surrounding analogue stick, d-pad and face button areas and we're looking at a beefy controller indeed.

The Project Cafe console can also be seen. It looks like an elongated Wii and appears to be black and white in the flesh.

The dialogue accompanying the presentation slides can't be made out.

There's no sound.

Is the footage real? Could be, but take with a generous pinch of salt.

Project Cafe is the codename for Nintendo's successor to Wii. The company has confirmed the console's existence and prepared the world for a reveal at E3 early next month.

Rumour has it that the Project Cafe controllers feature a touch-screen that can stream and play games. The effect of this could be a split-screen (quartered) game like Mario Kart being easier to view on individual controllers. You may also be able to carry on playing a game if parents want to commandeer the telly to watch a film.

Project Cafe itself is rumoured to have at least as much grunt as an Xbox 360 and PS3 which, finally, means HD resolution support. The machine apparently uses a 25GB disc format, which may or may not be Blu-ray, and has 8GB on-board storage.

Real or fake?

Project Café is due to be unveiled at E3 2011 in June.

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