Avatar Kinect out "later this spring"

Nothing to do with James Cameron.

Xbox 360 party application Avatar Kinect is on track for release later this spring.

It allows a party of up to seven friends to chat under the watchful gaze of their Kinect cameras - which track whether you're smiling or not.

No more typing LOL and not really laughing. Kinect will know.

Players can choose a variety of themed backdrops for their pow-wows. There's a late-night talk show, an American tailgate party and a magical forest.

Once chatting, smiles and frowns are projected on you and your chums' avatars in real time.

"When you smile, your Xbox 360 avatar will smile with you," says the saccarine-sweet press release.

Avatar Kinect was announced in January and will be delivered digitally sometime before the summer. It's free for Gold subscribers.

How Avatar Kinect reads your face.

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