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ZX Spectrum management sim series Football Director returns

Out later this month for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

ZX Spectrum management sim series Football Director has returned.

A new version, courtesy of UK company Sports Director, launches later this month for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Samsung Bada and Windows Phone 7.

It includes 15 international leagues (four of which are English), live league tables during matches and a "balanced" transfer system.

Regular feature updates will be rolled out. Buy the game and you get a free update for the 2012/2013 season later this year.

The first Football Manager launched in 1986 for the ZX Spectrum, but it popped up on a number of platforms over the years, including the Amiga, Amstrad and Nintendo DS.

This new version has been updated with touch controls for ease of use, but its creators promise the depth and authenticity to keep fans playing.

The feature list in full:

  • 2011/2012 season information - with a free update for the 2012/2013 season included in the purchase of the game.
  • 15 international leagues - 4 English, 2 Scottish, 1 Dutch, 2 French, 2 German, 2 Italian and 2 Spanish.
  • 5 match speeds and auto-resolve of matches for quick play.
  • Multiple cup competitions.
  • Realistic player and team names.
  • Quick, simple-to-use touch-screen interface.
  • Latest scores and live league tables during matches.
  • Reliable and dynamic transfer system.
  • Game Center achievements on iOS plus more features in future updates.
  • A game made by passionate football fans for passionate football fans.

A tablet version will follow.

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