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Wing Commander on 360

Good old ESRB leaks.

The long-dormant Wing Commander brand looks set to be revived on the Xbox 360, if a recent listing on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) is anything to go by. Which it usually is.

Known only as 'Wing Commander Arena', eagle eyed types spotted the new addition, with Electronic Arts listing the game as an Xbox 360 title, with the content containing "Fantasy Violence". Imagine that.

The series has, of course, been stuck down the back of EA's sofa since Wing Commander: Prophecy in the pre-Eurogamer days of 1997 (though it did get a low-key GBA release in 2003).

It'll be interesting to see what direction the publishing giant takes with its latest attempt to breathe new life into an old brand. Will it be another full-blown space combat epic, or is EA planning to make further inroads into Xbox Live Arcade? More to the point, who's developing it?

Originally released by Origin in 1990 on Amiga and PC, the Chris Roberts-designed 3D space combat series built up a large following in the early days, and even spawned an animated TV show back in 1996. Perhaps most famous for dragging Mark Hamill back into the limelight when the series moved to FMV-heavy CD-ROM format in 1994, it's a brand that's long overdue a revival.

More news when EA gets around to officially announcing it.

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