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Welcome to the new Eurogamer

New look, threaded comments, portable view, much more!

Hello! I'll keep this brief, because I'm sure you're itching to have a look around. This is our new home. We hope you like it.

Eurogamer was last redesigned in 2011, which in internet years is practically prehistory. What had been a clean, modern design six years ago was starting to look fiddly and dated, and over time had acquired a lot of new elements and inconsistencies that needed to be tidied up. The site needed to be more readable, clearer to navigate, more fun to use and a better showcase for our work.

That said, there was a lot in the old design that we were proud of and we wanted to keep its spirit and its basic principles alive.

So, here we are. What's changed?

On desktop, the homepage layout should look familiar at first - with five of our most popular recent articles highlighted on the left, and a chronological feed of the latest stories on the right. Scroll down, however, and you'll find new content blocks themed around article types - reviews, Digital Foundry - or games, and a new video player that plugs straight into our YouTube channel.

This means that we display fewer recent articles on the homepage, but if you want to browse all our stories in the order they were published, you can now click through to the new blog-style archive view. We think you'll like it and might even want to bookmark it.

Click through to a story like this one, and we hope you'll find a much more pleasant reading experience, with a new, larger font and a more open design. Check out our lovely new author portraits, too!

Comments have had a major overhaul, with Reddit-style "threaded" comments allowing for inline replies, which should make the various strands of the discussion much easier to follow. (The forum hasn't changed, though.)

Landing pages for videos, articles types - Digital Foundry, reviews, features, news, guides and so on - and platforms - PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch - have new custom layouts and navigation that should make it much easier to find relevant and interesting stories. We think you'll find the new game pages much more interesting, too.

Of course, all the above also applies to a brand-new mobile site. And, after years in the wilderness, tablet owners can rejoice at the return of a custom portable view designed to work on their screens.

Over in the bells and whistles department, Digital Foundry has some new tech to show off its in-depth technical analysis, including a new full-screen screenshot zoomer and an interactive frame-rate comparison tool that we can't wait to show off.

We've overhauled our advertising formats too, working carefully with the new design to ensure that you won't find them any more intrusive - hopefully, less - while providing better viewability for our advertisers. Behind the scenes, we've done a lot of structural work that will hopefully make Eurogamer articles easier to find through Google, and we've moved it to the more secure HTTPs standard.

Perhaps most important of all, the site should now be faster to load, wherever and whenever you're reading it.

And, yes, your eyes haven't gone funny. The blue has changed. This might be the most alarming change to many of you, and after so many years it does feel a bit weird, but we do think it's a bit easier on the eye. A bit more relaxed and a little less intense. Just like us!

I'll let you go and explore the new site. Have fun! And do let us know what you think. If you have any questions, I'll be around all day in the comments below.

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Oli Welsh


Oli was Eurogamer's MMO Editor before a seven-year stint as Editor. He worked here for a colossal 14 years, shaping the website and leading it.

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