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Virtua Fighter 2 hits UK VC

Along with three others. Bundle!

It's a bumper week for European Virtual Console followers, with no less than four new games jostling for position on the latest-releases panel, potentially commanding 3000 of your Wii points if you're the sort of rose-tinted loon who downloads everything. Surely nobody does.

Topping the bill is a game with a face only a mother (or a die-hard SEGA fan) could love: Virtua Fighter 2. Why the ugly? Because it's the Megadrive version, released in 1996. It took amazing technological skill to get the 3D beat-'em-up onto the 16-bit format, and you can throw 800 Wii points in its direction if you want to thank it personally.

Megadrive fans might prefer, however, to turn their attention to Wonder Boy in Monster World or Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. Although having played both of them recently in various compilations, I'm not exactly going to roar you on. Oh alright - Wonder Boy is still fairly good. Approach Alex Kidd with caution though. Or an axe. And certainly approach with a bit of research, which is more than I've put into the TurboGrafx-16 title rounding out this week's offerings: Shockman. Released on the US service this Monday, Shockman is reportedly a shoot-'em-up of dubious virtue. It'll cost you 600 Wii points to take a chance, while Alex and Wonder Boy are both asking for 800.

Look out for new Virtual Console releases every Friday. Because once in a while they're actually good.

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