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Turrican to return on PS3?

Factor 5 boss hints at 3D sequel.

Turrican fans, wake up - Factor 5 boss Julian Eggebrecht says that PlayStation 3 might finally see the return of the '90s shooter.

Although he admits that the never-quite-dismissed "Thornado" GameCube project is "completely dead", Eggebrecht says: "What we are thinking about is basically with the PS3 is going back to our old Turrican games, and basically, finally doing something like that but in 3D. That's finally going through."

Speaking to Game Informer, the developer also said that it might consider re-releasing some of the old Turrican games through the PS3 Store's e-Distribution Initiative (EDI) service.

"I don't think that the current thinking from Phil Harrison is that under the worldwide studios umbrella he wants to see too many straight ported older titles," Eggebrecht notes. "Having said that though, you've seen Midway's announcement ... We have been in some talks about re-releasing some of our old Turrican titles for the platform, but nothing's been finished yet. I'd love to do it."

If not that, it sounds like we might see some original EDI content, if only because the team would rather try something a bit shorter-term than embark on another multi-year project like Lair.

Speaking of which, Eggebrecht says the dragon-riding action game coming along nicely, may offer a toggle between Sixaxis tilt and analogue controls, and will do for dragon games what Rogue Squadron did for space combat. You can catch up on trailers and previews on the Lair gamepage.

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