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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 16 Pt. 1

Looking back at E3 07. Was it really a month ago?

You gobbled down the news, gargled the analysis, and maybe even stayed up way past your bedtime to binge on Tom and Ellie's Live Text banter-thons.

With the games journo dandruff dust now settled on what was a highly experimental year for E3, EGTV now offers a two-part retrospective look back at the effects of a crash diet on the newly size-zero Santa Monica showcase.

In Part One, the unblinking, unwavering (unless James spots a cracking pair) glare of the EGTV camera focuses on the pre-show platform holder conferences. How would Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony adapt to the new date and the dramatic downsizing?

E3 2007 was as much of a mystery to the format holders as to everyone else, and our camera was there to capture both the clumsy misjudgements (and there were plenty of those), and the surprise successes in this transition year for the world's biggest gaming showcase.

When Microsoft announced the Halo-themed Xbox, did the crowd go wild? (Hint: no) Would Team Xbox risk credibility for the sake of a smooth live TV simulcast by - gasp! - excitedly pretending to play over pre-recorded game footage? Did Tom really faint when they announced the new Viva Pinata game?

With a brutally strict invitation policy, what happened when Nintendo automatically pressed the fanboy button, expecting shrieking hysteria? Is Reggie clinically obese? After the hands-over-eyes agony of last year's giant enemy crabs, how much had Sony learned from its mistakes? And it doesn't hurt to watch Peter Moore balls-up Rock Band on stage one last time, in his swansong Xbox performance.

The E3 2007 conference retrospective is now showing on Eurogamer TV. Check back later this week for Part Two of our post mortem, where Peter Moore, Kaz Hirai, Bungie, Peter Molyneux and more go under the spotlight, LittleBigPlanet reveals its awesome inner beauty, and Team EG turns it up to 11 on Rock Band.

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