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10 Second Ninja developer reveals neo-Edwardian RPG Abermore

Heist society.

Abermore is a newly-announced RPG where you play a legendary thief known as "The Unhanged Man".

Set in the titular "neo-Edwardian" city of Abermore, this is the latest game from the studio behind 10 Second Ninja X, and tasks players with planning a daring heist in just 18 days.

With stealth being "your key to fame and fortune", players will have to ransack houses, sell stolen loot and acquire new gear before the game's final showdown - "The Feast for the Lucky Few". Its full reveal can be watched below.

While pulling off a heist in 18 days may sound easy enough, don't be deceived.

According to the game's Steam page, "Every campaign is unique, daisy chaining together robberies, across countless level variations. Each new day provides new stories to stumble into, spoils to sell on the Blackmarket, and potential collaborators to help you as you prepare for the ultimate score".

The game's "weird and wonderful characters" that make up The Unhanged Man's potential collaborators aren't going to be easily won over, however.

Rather, The Unhanged Man will need to help these characters by completing their "challenging demands", and only then will they offer their help to "make the final heist that little bit easier in a unique way".

With lethal bananas, cursed armour and mystical abilities that give Abermore a certain Arkane Studios vibe (think Dishonored and Deathloop style teleportation), this is definitely one intriguing looking RPG.

Abermore comes to PC on 29th March.

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