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Super Metroid leads VC update

There's a woman under all that.

Nintendo has popped two more oldies on the Virtual Console, lead by Super Metroid for the SNES.

This old side-scrolling shooter will set you back 800 points (GBP 5.60 / EUR 8) and take you back to one of the best games of Nintendo's past. It comes highly recommended, with many observers reckoning it to be the best instalment in the Metroid series.

The idea is to guide the lovely Samus through alien-infested levels towards a final encounter with the Mother Brain, collecting power-ups to help you access previously unreachable areas and upgrade up the rays coming from your gun-hand.

NES shooter Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces is the other game on offer, otherwise known as Super Contra and Super C. Here you play as muscular chaps with Rambo bits of cloth around their heads, and have to shoot orange blobs out of your guns at baddies. Doing so will set you back 500 points (GBP 3.50 / EUR 5).

If you are a little unsure whether you should fork out for the games, just wait a couple of days for a weekly round-up of the releases.

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