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Suda 51 planning movie adaptation

Working with Japanese director Sono Sion.

Lovably crazy game director and Grasshopper Manufacture studio chief Goichi Suda, a.k.a. Suda 51, has said he wants to make a movie adaptation as his next project. He's talking to similarly barmy Japanese cineaste and performance poet Sono Sion, director of Suicide Circle and Love Exposure, about making a game of his next film.

Asked if he knew Sion's work by nerd fitness blog (bear with us) My Big Fat Geek Running, Suda said, "I met him last year in fact, we went for dinner.

"I told him how much he’d inspired me with his movies, and he said, 'Well actually, if you're interested you can adapt my next movie into a videogame.'

"So hopefully I'm doing that next, I really want to make it happen!"

Slightly less realistically, Suda, famous for his love of British guitar pop, said he would love to make a game about the Manchester music scene in the eighties. "The Getaway put me off setting a game in London, but I think Manchester could be a brilliant setting," he said.

There's also a great story about Suda drinking too much wine with Shinji Mikamki (in the headlines with his new game Vanquish this week) and having to carry him home.

Suda 51 was in London this week to promote No More Heroes 2, which is out on Wii at the end of April.

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