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Streets of Rage joins VC

Along with three others.

Rejoice! Streets of Rage is the latest classic retro title to be added to the Wii's fast-growing Virtual Console line-up in Europe.

Sega's classic side scrolling beat 'em up is now available for download from the Wii shop channel for 800 points. Originally released back in 1991, this two player co-op brawler stars two ex-cops who have taken the law into their own hands.

Set over eight rounds in an unnamed city, the game is regarded as one of the finest Final Fight-style titles of the era, and Nintedo reckons it will “bring out the fighting spirit in any player”. Just not against each other, eh?

Two more Mega Drive titles also join this week's line-up: The Yu Suzuki-designed RPG Sword of Vermillion (1990), and side scrolling shooter Bio-Hazard Battle (1992). Both are up for grabs for 800 points.

And if that's not enough to satisfy your insatiable retro gaming needs, 1990 Turbografx title Chew Man-Fu has also been made available from today. Playable solo or with a second player, the game features 550 rounds of Pengo style action where you have to save all the food from a greedy arch enemy. Zoiks.

Some 54 titles are now available from the Virtual Console shop – and we'll be updating our round-ups soon to let you know which ones are worth shelling out for.

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