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Steambot 2 on PS3

First trailer at TGS.

Developer Irem has puffed out its chest and confirmed that Steambot Chronicles is in development for PS3.

It's fantastically called Bumpy Trot 2 over in Japan. We'll be treated to the first trailer for it at the Tokyo Game Show later this month according to the official website.

Steambot Chronicles was released on PS2 here at the end of last year, and is described as a non-linear action-adventure game. Or more accurately as a cross between GTA and Harvest moon, according to Eurogamer reviewer Simon Parkin.

There's a weird mix of mini-games, Zelda-like action, mechanoids, harmonicas, good and evil choices and even though none of it particularly stands out, the sum of the parts made it a solid recommendation.

We'll at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show next week, so hopefully we can bring you more information then.

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