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Special Effect launches 10th eye-tracking game

Gazey Golf.

Gaming charity Special Effect has launched its 10th Eye Gaze game, for players who use eye-tracking controls.

It's live now on eyegazegames.com, Special Effect's site for eye-tracking titles, after being funded by last year's Jingle Jam 2020 charity drive spearheaded by Yogscast.

It might sound like a location in Fortnite, but Gazey Golf is a 36-hole mini golf putting challenge with single and multiplayer options. Two modes let you select shot power and angle via on-screen buttons, or more precisely simply by looking left to right to aim. You can also select to play using accessibility switches, an assistive mouse, or - if you prefer - standard keyboard or mouse.

Special Effect is a UK-based charity which provides access to games, consoles and modded accessories for anyone with disabilities. It's a great cause, and one you can find out much more about over on the charity's website.

"We're so grateful to our friends at The Yogscast and the amazing Jingle Jam community for their incredible generosity in supporting the development of this latest addition to our growing library of Eye Gaze Games!," Special Effect projects manager Bill Donegan told Eurogamer. "Adding Gazey Golf to the site enables us to offer players a game that, whilst challenging, aims to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, unrestricted by controls or gameplay. Through this, we hope players of a wide range of ages and interests can experience the competition, fun and social interaction games can offer."

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